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  1. The 1985 European Cup Final was an association football match between Liverpool of England and Juventus of Italy on 29 May 1985 at the Heysel Stadium, Brussels, Belgium.It was the final match of the 1984-85 season of the European Cup, Europe's premier cup competition.Liverpool were the reigning champions and were appearing in their fifth final, having won the competition in 1977, 1978, 1981.
  2. May 29, 1985 is remembered as one of the darkest days of modern football, as that is the date that the Heysel Stadium disaster occurred before Liverpool met Juventus in the final of the European Cup
  3. A Heysel-tragédiát a hetvenes-nyolcvanas években jelentős futballhuliganizmus okozta, mikor 1985. május 29-én, a brüsszeli Heysel Stadionban, az angol Liverpool FC és az olasz Juventus FC mérkőzésén ledőlt egy támfal, 39, többségében olasz szurkoló halálát eredményezve. A mérkőzés az 1984-85-ös BEK sorozat döntője volt.. Nagyjából egy órával a tervezett.
  4. The biased Liverpool loving media, ignore this fact of how they continually `bought` their success over two decades. While in relation to Heysel, if any other club had been responsible for the deaths of so many Juventus supporters, it would used as a stick to use against them at every opportunity, as opposed to just pretend it never happened
  5. FINALE - COPPA dei CAMPIONI - Bruxelles, Stadio Heysel, 29 maggio 1985 Telecronaca Diretta Partita Bruno Pizzul professionalissimo, chiamato al compito dif..

He had taken his Juventus-supporting daughter Giusy to watch the Italian club play English team Liverpool in the 1985 European Cup final in Brussels at the Heysel Stadium. It should have been a. image caption Juventus fans pictured during the disorder ahead of the match at Heysel stadium The blame for Heysel was initially laid entirely on Liverpool fans, and 14 were later found guilty of. Heysel: May 29th 1985 On May 29, 1985, defending European Champions Liverpool and Cup Winners Cup holders Juventus were to meet at the Heysel Stadium, Brussels, in the 30th European Cup Final. The events that took place before kick-off in Block Z of the stadium turned the dream final into a nightmare: thirty-nine fans - mostly Juventus. Turin, Liverpool and Brussels are today uniting in memory of the 39 innocent victims who lost their lives in the Heysel tragedy 30 years ago. This evening will see the Juventus first-team squad, backroom staff, club employees and representatives of Liverpool Football Club honour the memories of the deceased during a special mass at Turin's. 5 April 2005, BRUSSELS - The British football club Liverpool is to play Italian Juventus on Tuesday night - for the first time since the tragic match in Belgium when 39 people died

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Az 1985-ös bajnokcsapatok Európa-kupája-döntőben, a BEK 30. döntőjében az olasz Juventus, és az angol Liverpool mérkőzött a brüsszeli Heysel Stadionban.A döntőt egy tragédia árnyékolta be, amelyben 39 szurkoló halt meg Both clubs struggled to deal with the disaster for many years afterwards. It wasn't until 2010 that Liverpool Football Club unveiled a permanent plaque to the victims of the disaster on The Centenary Stand at Anfield. A Heysel Memorial was installed at Juventus' J-Museum in Turin in May 2012 For Antonio Conti, time stopped on the evening of May 29, 1985

There is also a Heysel memorial plaque at Liverpool's Anfield Stadium. Getty Images Juventus officials insist the Serie A club has never forgotten the victims of the Heysel disaster Liverpool FC remembers the 39 football fans who lost their lives at Heysel Stadium in Belgium on this day 35 years ago. The disaster occurred before the European Cup final between Liverpool and Juventus on May 29, 1985, when events in Block Z of the stadium tragically led to the deaths of 39 people - mostly Juventus supporters - and left. Attól tartottak, ha elhalasztják, akkor újrakezdődik a háború a két csapat szurkolói között. A mérkőzést a Juventus nyerte 1-0-ra, Michel Platini 11-esből szerzett góljával, de a tragédia árnyékában alig valakit érdekelt ez a győzelem. A Heysel-tragédia gyökeres változásokat indított el a futballban Liverpool earned a slender advantage in their Champions League quarter-final with Juventus after Anfield had paid its respects to the Heysel victims. Sami Hyypia's left-foot shot put Liverpool ahead and Luis Garcia's superb strike doubled the lead

Heysel stadium disaster, Brussels, 1985: a wall collapses, crushing Juventus fans seeking to escape trouble with Liverpool supporters. Photograph: Eamonn McCabe/The Observe The irony is too cruel: four years later, Liverpool fans themselves suffered carnage similar to that wrought at the Heysel stadium in Belgium on the murderous night of 29 May 1985 Heysel film's Jean-Stephane Sauvaire to see Liverpool fans The French director making a film based on the Heysel tragedy has said he will visit Liverpool to meet with supporters. On 29 May, 1985, 39 football fans died during violent clashes between Liverpool and Juventus fans at the European Cup final in Brussels Thirty years ago this month, 39 people died on terraces of the ramshackle Heysel stadium, Brussels, when riots caused a wall to collapse before the European Cup final between Juventus and Liverpool

Although some have suggested National Front thugs may have been responsible for the stampede which killed 39 people at Heysel, the reality is that Liverpool fans, ordinary English footy lovers. Juventus and Liverpool were today marking the 27th anniversary of the Heysel Stadium disaster which claimed the lives of 39 supporters prior to the 1985 European Cup final Thirty-nine died and 600 were injured ahead of the 1985 European Cup final at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels when Liverpool supporters charged at Juventus fans, causing a crush and a wall to collapse

On 29 May 1985, Juventus and Liverpool were almost ready to take the field to play in the European Cup Final. However, shortly after 19:00 a confrontation between supporters led to the loss of 39 Bianconeri lives Ötven év, ötven mérkőzés - az Infostart.hu összeállította az elmúlt fél évszázad legfantasztikusabb futballmeccseit, minden évből egyet. 1985 szomorú éve volt a világfutballnak. A BEK-döntő, a Liverpool FC és a Juventus mérkőzése 32 olasz, négy belga, két francia és egy ír szurkoló halálát hozta. A sérültek-sebesültek számát hatszázra becsülték Some Juventus fans wore scarves with the emblems and colours of both Juve and Liverpool. More photos from Anfield A minute's silence, to remember the Heysel victims and Pope John Paul II, was observed before kick-off, during which the Liverpool fans in the Kop held up placards to form the word 'Amicizia' (friendship)

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  1. Liverpool manager Joe Fagan at Heysel Some Liverpool fans claimed that they had been unfairly singled out for blame and that Juventus supporters precipitated the violence by hurtling missiles
  2. Liverpool fans look away in horror, as several senseless idiots attack the Juventus fans. You can see several fans trying to escape over the wall, which eventually collapsed. At first, the trouble seemed innocuous by 80s standards. Liverpool and Juventus fans, separated by just a few feet, began hurling missiles back and forth
  3. Május 29. szombat a 25 évfordulója a Heysel stadionban történt tragédiának. 1985-ben, azon az estén, mikor a bianconerik megnyerték történelmük első BEK-jét, a csapat 39 szurkolót veszített el a brüsszeli Heysel stadionban. Ez egy felejthetetlen fájdalom, egy emlék, amely örökre a Juventus szurkolók szívében fog élni. Május 29.-n, szombaton a Juventus egy ceremóniát.
  4. The Liverpool team pose for a photograph before the European Cup Final against Juventus at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels. Source: Getty Images There are two ways of looking at it
  5. Sadly, the achievement was overshadowed by the death of 39 Juventus fans in Brussels, caused by crowd violence involving Liverpool supporters. The match became almost incidental but in the aftermath, English clubs were banned from Europe until 1990. At home in Italy, Juventus were the team of the 1970s through to the early 80s
  6. t amilyen a BEK döntője volt

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Reds' fan Peter Hooton, lead singer of The Farm, was at Heysel Stadium in Brussels for the European Cup Final between Liverpool and Juventus on May 29, 1985 - and later a leading figure in the. Juventus have commemorated those who tragically died in the Heysel Stadium disaster with a statement on the clubs website: we dedicate our remembrance, and our pain. Thirty-nine people, most of them Juventus supporters, were tragically killed when pressed against a collapsing wall after Liverpool fans breached that portion of the stadium

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Heysel Stadium disaster Date 29 May 1985 ( 1985-05-29 ) Venue Heysel Stadium Location Brussels, Belgium Coordinates 50°53′44.54″N 4°20′2... Juventus officials insist the Serie A club has never forgotten the victims of the Heysel disaster. The families of the victims are always welcome at the club, the museum and the stadium -- for. Heysel remembered: the horror of a tragedy waiting to happen As Liverpool and Juventus meet for the first time since the Heysel disaster, John Keith evokes a terrible night for English football. The Heysel stadium disaster in 1985 is an event which continues to cause understandable pain for Juventus fans, as their European Cup triumph over Liverpool faded into inconsequence as 39 lives. Heysel is an unspeakably awkward subject for Liverpool — perhaps more, perhaps less, for the anguish the club and the city endured four years later at Hillsborough. It is a black mark and it will be there forever. Supporters of rival teams chant Murderers and the Liverpool fans have little response

Heysel disaster: English football's forgotten tragedy

  1. The Heysel Stadium Disaster (pronounced: ; Dutch: Heizeldrama) occurred on 29 May 1985 when escaping fans were pressed against a wall in the Heysel Stadium in Brussels, Belgium, before the start of the 1985 European Cup Final between Juventus of Italy and Liverpool of England. 39 people—mostly Juventus fans—died and 600 were injured.. Approximately 1 hour before the Juventus-Liverpool.
  2. Memories Of Heysel, From A Liverpool Fan Who Was There. This was taken from RAWK, and talks about one fans experience at the game where 39 Juventus fans died after a charge by Liverpool fans. I might have waited until somewhere around the date of the event - but I didn't want this to get lost in the intervening time I suppose
  3. A Heysel-tragédiát a hetvenes-nyolcvanas években jelentős futballhuliganizmus okozta, mikor 1985. május 29-én, a brüsszeli Heysel Stadionban, az angol Liverpool FC és az olasz Juventus FC mérkőzésén ledőlt egy támfal, 39, többségében olasz szurkoló halálát eredményezve. A mérkőzés az 1984-85-ös BEK sorozat döntője volt
  4. 1985. május 29-én rendezték meg a brüsszeli Heysel Stadionban a bajnokcsapatok Európa-kupájának (BEK) az évi döntőjét, mely - a Liverpool felett aratott 1:0 arányú Juventus-győzelem ellenére - utóbb egy szörnyű tragédia miatt került be a sporttörténelembe
  5. al proceedings 1.
  6. A Juventus már 1987-ben visszatérhetett, a Liverpool azonban csak 1991-ben. Az európai szövetség 1985 nyarának végén az összes angol klubot határozatlan időre kitiltotta az európai kupaporondról, azzal a kiegészítéssel, hogy a többiekhez képest Liverpool még további három évig nem szerepelhet UEFA-rendezvényen
  7. Juventus-Liverpool 20 years after: Liverpool and Juventus met again in 2005 for the first time since the 1985 final in Brussels, won by Juventus, but overshadowed by the death of 39 Juventus fans. Juventus fans had long been hoping to meet Liverpool again, and they were extremely content to meet them 20 years after the Heysel tragedy

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Juventus v Liverpool, 1985 European Cup Final, Heysel Stadium, Brussels, Wednesday 29th May 1985. Heysel Stadium Disaster, 39 people, mostly Juventus fans, died when escaping missiles being thrown by.. Juventus vs Liverpool - Full Match - 1985 European Cup Final. I had been in the centre of town, around La Grand-Place, and there was a really lovely atmosphere, he recalls. 1984-1985: Sede: Heysel (final) Podio • Campeón • Subcampeón • Tercer lugar Juventus Thank you so much 1985-ben ezen a napon rendezték meg a Bajnokcsapatok Európa Kupájának döntőjét, a Liverpool és a Juventus részvételével. A brüsszeli stadionban azonban olyan katasztrófa történt a mérkőzés előtt, amely alapjában véve rengette meg az európai labdarúgást. 1985. május 29-nek egy ünnepnapnak kellett volna lennie

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Juventus 1-0 Liverpool, 1985 European Cup Final, HeyselTrent’anni fa la tragedia dell’Heysel: il ricordo di'The Heysel ban wasn't really about football, it was an
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